Monday, June 28, 2010

5 Fin for Falco, Double Wing Zing and the Mini Swallow

Fresh surfing tools for those who love to draw limitless lines:

Check Out the Teeth on this one! Custom double wing swallow tri-fin..

Purple/blue airbrush makes the basswood stringer stand out..


Mini swallow tri, sans wings..

True blue airbrush.

Clean white deck..

Five fin swallow for versatility (set up as a quad in this photo)

Black airbrush band on the deck..

A happy Steve Falco with his new stick!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Outlines, Shapes and Glass

Here' a quick peek into this weeks workload :

Outlines for a few that are going to our good friends at Shelter Surf Shop in Long Beach.


Outline on Graham's Concept 7'6 Mid length. This board will have the outline of some of the late 60's transitional period boards with a simmons inspired entry and transition into a foiled 50/50 rail with slight vee out the tail..

9'6 Shelter Pig

7'0 Round pin single fin egg

the 7'6 blast from the past..


In the glassing room:

Custom opaque gray twinnie...

One Of two custom shortboards for my amigo up in LA..

Monday, June 14, 2010

Tri Fin Swallows for MVP MAddie and Harry

Here's One for Marina Highschool Surf Team MVP Maddie:

Three fins and a little swallow with custom art. Just the way she wanted it!

Harry's choice in shape as well. Keeping it simple on the cosmetics.

Both shapes are updated versions of some of these 80's classics.. We make them to suit everyones favorite flavor!