Friday, October 15, 2010

Bears n' Country...

Last Week's glassing batch was a "natural" experience with Bears n' Country. We covered a spectrum of glassing options with boards shaped by Roger Hinds for his "Counntry Surfboards" label as well as the classic "Bear Surfboards" label under which Roger shapes.

Two classic labels under one set of hands..

Cappuccino colors in airbrush with a clean sand finish

Acid swirl resin tint (Grateful Dead Bear)

One mama bear, two cubs

Bells and whistles normally scare bears off.. but not in this case

True blue over a t-band stringer with resin tint, gloss and polish

Final Inspection by Roger and myself on the way out to the lineup..

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Shaping The Future...

The Future is Now..

As you can see from this old Surf N Sport ad, performance was the game.. Thrusters, quads, and my favorite, twins..

Here's the classic performance twin that I have been shaping for over 30 years..

Backside 360 on a tools twinnie circa 80'

4 built for fun..

Classic twins are typically wider throughout, shorter, and use wider base keel. Modern twins have a pulled in nose, tighter tail and a taller, narrower base keel with a tad more rake. The idea on the modern twins is to keep the feel loose while opening up the possibility of approaching more waves and more angles..

I rode this board 24 years ago on my honeymoon at Honalua bay in solid 8' -10' surf.. 2.5 fins..